Involuntary Treatment For The Mentally Ill Essay

1136 Words Nov 15th, 2014 5 Pages
Sarah Farmer
THE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This policy brief will address the concerns with diagnosing and labelling individuals with mental illness. It will discuss how this problem effects involuntary treatment for the mentally ill as many states have issues defining mental illness clearly and concisely. This brief will discuss one possible option to involuntary treatment for the mentally ill and the pros and cons of this option.
THE STATEMENT OF THE ISSUE The mentally ill should be subject to involuntary treatment.
THE BACKGROUND The problem with the mentally ill being subject to involuntary treatment lies within the labelling of mental illness itself. Each state sets its own legal definition of "mental health" and "insanity" and each states definition is significantly different. Utah is the only state whose statutes include specific psychiatric diagnoses while other states define mental health issues in terms of an individual 's effected behaviors and thinking. Some states, such as Oregon, focus on the aspect of danger that a person presents to themselves or others. Georgia 's definition of mentally ill talks about disorders that effect mood and thoughts which impair behavior, judgment, capacity or coping with typical life demands. Other states have even more vague definitions stating mental illness is a disease or psychosis that causes considerable impairment to a person 's mental health. With such varying and imprecise definitions of "mental illness" it is…

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