Involuntary Intoxication In Criminal Justice

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I had the honor of interviewing Richard Haseloh, a retired state patrolman. Mr. Haseloh worked undercover in the Nebraska State Patrol, in the narcotics unit. Mr. Haseloh has been retired for the past nine years, and he warned me before the interview that some of his responses would be opinions since the criminal justice field is always changing.
Mr. Haseloh started out his education at Dome College, a four-year school, but he only went for one year. Then he transferred to Central Community College and received his two-year degree in human services, where he then proceeded to work in the mental health field for around three years. After that he applied for the Nebraska State Patrol.
When Mr.Haseloh applied for the State Patrol thirty years
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Haseloh on his views of involuntary intoxication being used in the court of law as a defense. His thinks each case is different and pick out the facts. You have to look into detail of the individual and their past history relating to crime with intoxication. He then stated that some people will claim involuntary intoxication when it fact it wasn’t involuntary. Involuntary intoxication is looked on as circumstance, the court will look at what happened. He said “lots of sexual assaults that happen in bars, are considered to be serious, the crime then would include involuntary intoxication.” He then shared another example of drunk drivers. If some drunk drivers are pulled over, they might claim someone drugged them and that probably isn’t the truth. He then concluded that each case is different.
Mr. Haseloh defiantly believes that the use of illegal drugs can be causes of crime. He claimed that a lot of burglaries and theft are done by druggies, so that can make money, selling the things they stole for drugs. A lot of domestic assaults and sexual violence can be the cause of drug use or alcoholism. He stated that doing drugs is a vicious cycle, most people that do illegal drugs can’t hold jobs, so they might go out and steal things, break into cars, and do whatever they need to for money, and for the

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