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Gender Discrimination in Bangladesh

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Dialogue over the issue of Gender Discrimination is not a recent phenomenon. During the 1950s and 60s, the emphasis on women was on their reproductive roles as mothers and homemakers. This approach was based on Western stereotypes of the nuclear family in which women are economically dependent on the male breadwinners. In the early 1970s, researchers began to focus on the division of labor based on sex, and the impact of development and modernization strategies on women. The WID (Women in Development) concept came into use in this period. The philosophy underlying this approach is that women are lagging behind in
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The traditional gender division of labour treats domestic work as a voluntary contribution by women and perpetuates inequity at every income level. Discrimination is playing a crucial role in human society, which hampers the overall development of a country.

1.2. Statement of the Problem Allah has created both male and female in this beautiful world. In Islam there is no discrimination between male and female as creation. As a human being, their right and respect is equal. In Bangladesh, about 50% of population is female. This huge population can contribute to the development of the family, society and country. But in Bangladeshi family there is unequal treatment towards boys and girls, male and female. Bangladeshi family and society is patriarchal and women are considered inferior to men; husband have the right to dominate them, if necessary through the use of force. The head of the family is male; he dominates decision making in all affairs of the family. Sometimes he beats and maltreats with his wife. Most parents like male child than female child. Female child get less food than male child. Their literacy rate is low than male. They suffer from malnutrition and victims of different kind of disease. About 50% female children get married before they reach 18 years (legal age) (age of physical and mental maturity). Beside pregnant women do not get sufficient food like male. As a result mother gives low birth weight

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