Invitations And Guest List For The Party Essay

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Invitations and Guest list
For the party to be safe and be under a controlled environment, there will need to be strict number or guests and a strict invite. There won’t be a Facebook event made, because the information about the party is easily passed around and it will increase the chance of gatecrashers. There will be personal invites given directly out to the guest, concerning all the information about the party. Then to come to the party, they must give the invitation over to the “guard” at the front of the venue to be allowed to enter the party.
Security/Venue choice
There will be security at the front and a couple out the back, in the case of a fight breaking out or in case there is an emergency, there will be sober people to help. The party will be held at a venue that is a building hired out, such as an empty warehouse/shed, that only allows people to enter by the door. This will prevent people from entering around the back and stop unwanted guests. Or it will be held at an house that is well secured to stop people from jumping fences, but small enough for people to be monitored. The invitations will allow the strict number of guests invited in to the party and prevent people who would cause trouble and possibly violence excluded.
The guests will be able to drive to the venue, but the keys for the vehicle will be handed into the security before entering the party. The keys will only be handed back if the security believe that one of the people in the…

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