Invisible Sojourners Research Paper

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Since the inception of the Eurocentric point of view, Africa have been shown in a negative light,and the matters on the continent have been told from the European eyesight. Encircling the several hundred plus years after slavery, there has been a continued drift or disconnection between African Americans and Africans. Most African Americans are descendants of enslaved Africans that were transported to the United States during the trans-Atlantic slave trades. Since African Americans and Africans are descended from the same lingering African culture, it is reasonable to expect that they would join together in unity; however, there is an underlying tension between the two groups.
Examining other races that live in America, the African American
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John Arthur in his book Invisible sojourners: African immigrant Diaspora in the United States, John argues that the “cultural, political, and economic affinity between African immigrants and their black American counterparts is not as strong as it should be considering the historical cord that ties them together.” Arthur also reference that “the cultural barriers and the social and economic differences separating the Africans and the African Americans is sometimes the cause of a simmering hostility and misunderstanding between them. Sharing the common physical characteristics of skin color has not ensured cultural and economic unity between African immigrants and American-born black” Philippe Wambe ends by saying that, “the twin histories of African and African American peoples are brimming with both triumph and tears; similarly, the story of the interaction between them has not always been positive.their associations, and the collision of their true false ideas about one another, have sometimes been …show more content…
A chinese person can be sent back to China, a East Indian person can be sent back to Indian. An Arab can be sent back to his Arabian nation from which he came, but where does the African-American person goes back

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