Invisible Man By Ralph Ellison Essay example

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Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison follows the story of a young, educated black man struggling to survive and be successful in a racist society that refuses to see him as a human being. This story focuses on a nameless narrator and his long journeys that focus him on finding his identity. In chapters 1 through 8, many controversial events occur. In these chapters, the narrator has to give speeches to white people, fight in a battle royal just to get a scholarship, get betrayed by white and black folks, and carry with all the pain in his heart when he thinks about how he used to feel ashamed of his ancestors for being slaves. All of these events eventually help the narrator to develop his true identity and makes him realize that he is invisible. In these chapters, the narrator continually regrets how he stumbles blindly through life, never stopping to question why is he always ultimately exploited and betrayed by white people. He describes himself as “invisible” throughout these chapters since he is a black man that has no power on individuality in what is said to be a white-ruled society.
In this intriguing and controversial book, many things are set down. Ralph Ellison wants to communicate to his audience, which is the black community, that people shouldn’t be so gullible and believe what white people say and how they act. This is because the white community is a group of people that influences black people to get what they desire and make them feel confused about their true…

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