Essay on Invisible Man By Ralph Ellison

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Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison is a novel that explores the black consciousness of an unnamed narrator and how he is perceived by himself and those around him. Set in the late 1920’s, Invisible Man shows the narrator 's journey in growing up in racism and oppression, and his inability to be recognized until after the brotherhood rejects him and he begins to see himself. The reader sees how ignored the feelings of the blacks were at this time, and is made aware of the idea of self perception and how the morals of society have an influence on him. Ellison uses this to show the narrator 's journey towards self identity. According to Ralph Ellison in the Paris Review Interview, “the narrator’s development is one through blackness to light; that is, from ignorance to enlightenment, invisibility to visibility”. Ellison recreates the journeys from South to North, passion to perception, and the movement upward (Ellison, The Paris Interview). In addition to The Paris Interview, Langston Hughes’ “The Negro Artist and the Racial Mountain” gives insight in the idea of how dark skin is something to be ashamed of and is taught to go unseen. Invisible Man is a novel that shows the journey towards self acknowledgment and the struggles of overcoming oppression. In the opening lines of Invisible Man, the narrator states that he is invisible and explains it as possessing the same substances and fibers as those who live around him, but he lives among white people whose views have been…

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