Invisibility : A Quest For Invisibility Essay

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“We were trying to block them out with talk of Elemeno. Cole was explaining to me that it wasn’t just a language, but a place and a people as well” (7).
Their invention of the language, Elemeno, showed creativity in both Cole and Birdie. They constantly told stories in Elemeno and imagined a land full of people talking in Elemeno. This also shows that they are isolated from the world and have to use their imagination to create their own world.
“She said they were a shifting people, constantly changing their form, color, pattern in a quest for invisibility” (7).
Cole’s words foreshadow a theme of invisibility that will occur with Birdie. Birdie will constantly change between the different races and remain invisible in each culture. She will struggle with her identity and have to find her true self.
“Her hair was curly and mine was straight, and I figured that this fact must have had something to do with the fighting and the way the eyes of strangers flickered surprise, sometimes amusement , sometimes disbelief when my mother introduced us as sisters” (28).
The connection made by Birdie shows that she realizes she is different from her sister. This brings a mental line of separation between them. It also brings a new idea of race and skin color into Birdie’s mind.
‘“What you doin’ in this school? You white?”’(43).
This shows the theme of extreme racism throughout the book. During her time at Nkrumah, Birdie was being teased because of her skin color. The insult shows the…

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