Invictus - Path Goal Theory Essay

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“Invictus” – Individual paper

“Invictus”, is a powerful movie representing what Nelson Mandela taking the office as the first black president of South Africa and set to accomplish great things. Nelson Mandela was the founder and lead of the African National Congress and spent 27 years in prison on charges for sabotage against the white military and government to end apartheid. The movie starts with his release from prison on February 11, 1990 greeted by the black population eager to fight while the white population was expecting the worse from it. The environment factors changed dramatically for Nelson and he found himself ready to forgive those that imprisoned him and call them comrades. His amazing
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As we can see, Mandela was not only challenged by the white population but by his black people, too. The blacks don’t support the team because they viewed it as it represents the prior suppression. However, Mandela saw as his duty to keep the Springbok’s name, emblem and colors. “You reached a decision with insufficient info and foresight. I am here to ask you to restore Springbok, the name, emblem and color because , learn enemy to prevail, enemy is not Africana, they are partners in democracy, they treasure Springbok rugby, if we take it away we lose them. We prove that we are what they feared we would be. We have to be better than that. To surprise with with compassion, generosity. They denied us but this is not revenge time, we have to build the nation using every brick, even if it’s green and gold. You elect me as leader. Let me lead you know. Who is with me?”
Mandela asks the current leaders to change tactics and work towards a peaceful environment. It’s a lot to ask but Mandela’s strong commitment for unity prevails. The very task of uniting the country through rugby shows a supportive leader towards white’s value and love for a sport that meant the world to them: rugby. “Rugby is a human calculation. If we take away what they cherish we enforce the circle of fear. I must do what it takes to break the circle.” Mandela even learns the name of the players to be able to address them by

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