Investigative Report Essay

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Investigative Report

August 31, 2012
Professor Ashley Hudson
Tamara L. Thomas
Public VS Private Grant Sources

In the investigative research reports there were two sources for grants and funding. The first source was the federal wire website and the other foundation center website. Both sites are very great sources for both public and private grant information data reservoirs. In this investigative it will show the overall benefits for individual and organizational purposes, i.e. research, community services, public, private sector, non-profit, banks, and government sectors. Both sites provide information on public and private grant opportunities.
Investigational Research I
The Federal Wire site
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About 200 of our annual donors designate their gifts for one of our five regional offices. Project grants enable us to develop new capacities for service and to implement special initiatives. In addition, earned income covers more than half the Foundation Center's operating budget. During this difficult economic period, we are relying on grant makers to continue and even increase their support in recognition of our greater value to them, to the organizations they care about, and to the field at large. To access the grant data information about the Foundation Center site go to or you can purchase the book through several websites such as or through the LU Library.

Both websites are great ways to learn about grants public or private, how to obtain them for organizations as well as individuals. I personally feel that anyone who truly want to procure and obtain a grant or government funding for any reason use both websites as a comparison tool to enhance the writing and research process of thus search. The method in which the investigation was done was through general search engines and keywords on both public and private grant data information. In my opinion both grant resource provided vast information of all aspects of obtaining a grant from different prospective i.e. the Federal Wire site gave more information on public and organizational data and the Foundation Center site gave more information

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