Investigative Article On Investigative Journalism Essay

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Five years ago, the word in the media was that investigative journalism was dying. No longer would corruption and morality be kept in check through journalists such as Elizabeth Cochrane Seaman (Nellie Bly), Ida B. Wells-Barnett, Carl Bernstein, Bob Woodward, and Seymour Hersh. (The Ring Of Fire Network 2015)
What happened to investigative journalism in the first place? The short answer: it was about the money. Traditional investigative reporting is very expensive and time-consuming. It requires travel, research, extensive interviews with many people and rigorous documentation. It also entails risks; not surprisingly, investigative reporters are targeted by those persons and institutions who are the subject of their reports. (The Ring Of Fire Network 2015)
Social media has, though, brought information back to the forefront of the people. We can all tweet our local shooting, or whatever. But fake news has muddled the forum so much so that it’s no longer possible to simply take for granted what is or isn’t true, just because it appears on what looks like a legitimate news source.
Imagine Gary Webb’s chagrin when he reported meticulously on the United States funneling crack into America during the mid-1980’s. But you don’t want that, do you, America? You don’t want to know what our government really does to preserve the status quo. Imagine his chagrin when the entirety of media that had his back suddenly turned on him and stated that everything he wrote was bullshit. Imagine…

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