Investigation Of The Schaumburg Police Department Essay

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In January 2013, the arrest of three Schaumburg Police Department Special Investigation officers led to an investigation of the Schaumburg police department. The facts of this case include the Carol Stream polices officers, upon following up with a tip, found an apartment storage locker with narcotics. These police officers located the owner of the storage locker and he was arrested. Upon arrest, the informant stated that the narcotics found by the Carol Stream police officers were narcotics received by three Schaumburg Police officers and were to be sold by the informant on behalf of the police officers.
The informant claimed that three Schaumburg Police officers were essentially running a robbery ring which included illegally entering individual homes, completing illegal searches of homes, vehicles, and people, false arrests of individuals, and stealing narcotics/money from individuals. The police officers then participated in physical abuse, intimidation and threats to those arrested in order to extort narcotics and money as well as cover up the officers own illegal conduct. During one of these robbery rings, majority of which were completed by falsifying affidavit’s in order to receive search warrants, the officers met and intimidated the informant into working with the officers. The informant stated that the Schaumburg Police officers stole cash and narcotics from local drug dealers during this robbery ring and provided these narcotics to the informant to be sold.…

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