Investigation Of A Investigation On Crime Scene Investigation

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When it comes to crime scene investigation, a thorough preliminary investigation is usually required, the reason being to end up with a follow-up investigation. Preliminary investigations seldom provide a sufficient amount of information to arraign a criminal case, consequently the necessity of a thorough preliminary investigation is imperative. Crime scene investigators apprehend that in order to continue with their investigation and to legitimately prosecute a criminal case, evidence that is relevant to the scene must be collected, processed and documented accordingly.

A set of guidelines on conducting a meticulous preliminary investigation for a criminal case would begin with observing the conditions, events and state of the scene, along with any remarks made by eye witnesses. From these witnesses and anyone else who entered the scene, elimination samples would have to be collected. An elimination sample is one of known source taken from a person who had lawful access to the scene. Examples of elimination samples include fingerprints from occupants, footwear impressions from emergency medical personnel, et cetera. These samples would be used for comparison with evidence of the same type. After this procedure, an authoritative figure or officer would have to be positioned at an entrance and exit of the scene. This officer would have the duty of keeping track of every person that enters and leaves the scene on a log which includes the date, time, name of the person and…

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