Investigation Of A Car Crash Involving Life Threatening Injuries On Bloomingdale Avenue, West Of Bell Shoals Road

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On 06/26/2016 at approximately 0311 hours, I was notified by Master Detective L. Cichon #3846 of a traffic crash involving life-threatening injuries on Bloomingdale Avenue, west of Bell Shoals Road. Master Detective L. Cichon advised the crash involved a single vehicle with a 15 year old occupant being flown to Tampa General Hospital with life-threatening injuries. She was responding to Tampa General Hospital and requested Detective M. Carter #181968 and I respond to the scene. Upon arrival, I observed the involved silver Honda Accord at final rest on the north shoulder of the roadway with the pedestrian guardrail impaled into the front of the vehicle. I took the responsibilities as lead detective and Detective M. Carter took the responsibilities as scene detective. Deputy J. DeVoe #78683 was on scene prior to my arrival and was completing the DHSMV crash report #86559957.

I made contact with Deputy J. DeVoe and was informed the front passenger of the vehicle was removed from the vehicle by Hillsborough County Fire Rescue and flown to Tampa General Hospital with severe head injuries and a puncture to the abdomen from the intrusion of the pedestrian guardrails into the front of the vehicle. He was informed from Hillsborough County Fire Rescue that the survivability of the passenger, identified as Carter Price, was low due to the mechanism of injury and locations of the injuries. He had also spoken with Bradley Penny on scene and was informed Bradley…

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