Investigation Into the Causes of Propeller Shaft Failure of Dong Feng Trucks - a Case Study at the Base Workshop, Burma-Camp

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1.1 Problem Definition

The rated power generated from the engine of a heavy duty vehicle can only become useful when effectively transmitted from the engine via the fly wheel to the transmission system of the truck and finally to the final drive. The propeller shaft or the drive shaft which is the mechanical component used for transmitting torque and rotation is used in transmitting these generated power to the final drive.

However, when the Ghana Armed Forces introduced the Chinese made Dong Feng trucks which are five ton troop carrying vehicles (TCVs) for its operations, their propeller shafts recorded a high rate of failure. This inevitably affected the morale of troops and the operations of the
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* Relevant literature review. * Library facilities at UMaT. * Internet facilities at UMaT.

1.6 Scope of work

This project is limited to investigations into the causes of propeller shaft failures on Dong Feng trucks at the Base Workshop, Burma-Camp, Accra, Ghana.

1.7 Work Organization

This project work is organized into four chapters as follows:
Chapter one consists of the statement of the problem, objective, methods used, research facilities used, justification of the project objectives, scope of work and work organization.
The second chapter introduces relevant information about Base Workshop by way of an overview and some department at the Base Workshop and their maintenance procedure.

The third chapter gives a brief introduction to the truck and its technical data, detailed description of power train system and a general overview of the propeller shaft universal joint, General Causes of Propeller Shaft Failure and Mitigating Measures carried out in this chapter.

Chapter four will deal Investigation at the Base Workshop into the causes of propeller shaft failure, Outcome of the Investigation, conclusions and recommendations.



2.1 Introduction

After the first and second world wars, the Army thought of forming a workshop to undertake repair work in the Army. In 1946, a nucleus workshop was formed and located at Bubuashie at Accra to

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