Essay about Investigation Into How Managers Justify Investments

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The dissertation paper I selected to conduct a literature review was written by Richard Ikechukwu Ibe in 2012 as a partial fulfilment requirements for a degree of doctor of philosophy, at Walden University. The title of the research paper is Investigation into How Managers Justify Investments in IT Infrastructure.
Purpose Statement
The purpose of Ibe’s qualitative exploratory case study was to explore what model midsized businesses used to justify the incurred expenses when investing in information technology infrastructures and hopes that this research paper can lead to positive social change such as increased productivity, improved efficiency, and cost savings (Ibe, 2012).
The Central Research Question
The research had two pripary questions. The two questions are:
RQ1: How do organizational leaders justify investments in IT infrastructure?
RQ2: How do investments in IT infrastructure produce the desired results in organizations? Literature Review
Ibe 's literature was fairly extensive and sets the stage for the case study (Creswell, 2014). The primary objective of the literature review was to discover ways to “decide what technology was important to help organizational leaders make decisions on IT infrastructure” (Ibe, 2012).
Ibe selected a wide range of subject areas. However, several of the subject arear did not really make sense to me. For example, one area that Ibe presented was the predicted technology spending that US business will do in 2010.…

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