Investigation Based Curriculum Mixed With Inquiry Essay

710 Words May 30th, 2016 3 Pages
Inquiry is a type of method to learning that implicates a process of exploring the natural or material world. Using the Inquiry method allows individuals to ask questions and make discoveries for new understandings. Inquiry also requires individuals to use higher order thinking skills during experiments in order to deepen the knowledge of the subject at matter. Researchers suggested that inquiry instruction used by teachers inside of the classroom can heighten the level of children’s understanding in the natural process of science, critical thinking habits, and solving problems on their own. Also, using inquiry with students increases the chance of individuals learning the skills that help process an understanding of science (Miranda & Damico, 2015). Researchers conducted that inquiry based lab experiments extend the familiarity of individuals with the subjects that is being studied or researched. Students understood statistic based curriculum mixed with inquiry based curriculum when inquiry was taught through ages K-12(Remsburg, Harris, & Batzli, 2014). Researchers has also suggested that inquiry learning requires practice from individuals who will engage in the process. A purpose of inquiry is to make the scientific engagement significant to individuals. The inquiry method allows students using the method to have a discipline for science research (Hsu,Fang, Zhang, W.-X., Wu H-K, Wu, & Hwang,2016). Inquiry based learning in the classroom shows that students are…

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