Investigating The Methods And Approaches Of Embedding Multicultural Education

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The purpose of this paper is to investigate the methods and approaches of embedding multicultural education in a classroom setting. The research will also address the following topics; marginalized and culturally diverse students dilemma in the classroom, opposition of students` native cultures and the host country`s culture. Additionally, other topics of interest will be the students` awareness in a democratic educational atmosphere and models and practices of multicultural education and democracy. Additionally, The research paper will interview two individuals in the filed of multicultural education who will be asked about their philosophy of education, how do they embed multicultural education in their classroom, their best teaching part, experiences with multicultural students. Also, teaching experiences and training. There will also be other related questions to their skills, classroom management and their relationship with their district. I am looking to identify unsearched matters related to multicultural education and its practices to benefit future researchers in this arena.


This research paper discusses practices of multicultural education in the classroom. A multicultural approach prepares the school`s environment to be diversity welcoming and supports acceptance and understanding the verities in human beings with relevance to teaching. Additionally, it also provides students with clear lens to be active citizens in a global…

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