Investigating The Flow Of Blood Artery Of The Human Kidney Essay

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Briefly trace and discuss the flow of blood in the human kidney.
Blood passes into the kidney through the renal artery entering the glomerulus within the Bowman’s capsule. However, when traveling into the glomerulus it is split into fifty capillaries, which has thin walls. The solutes within the blood are filtered through the thin walls by the pressure gradient exiting between the fluid in the Bowman’s capsule and blood capillaries. The pressure gradient is regulated by the dilation or contraction of the arterioles. After traveling through the afferent arteriole the now filtered blood enters into the vasa recta. The renal vein is responsible for blood exiting the kidneys (Shodor, 2016).

Briefly identify the structure and trace the development of urine production in the human kidney.
The urine passes through the following structures: Glomerular capsule (shaped like a cup located at the beginning of the tubular component of a nephron in the mammalian kidney performing the first step to filtration of blood forming urine as a glomerulus can be found enclosed in the sac), proximal convoluted tubule also known as PCT (reabsorbs into the peritubular capillaries stimulated by sodium travels from the lumen to with in the blood), descending limb of loop of Henle (consisting of a sharp bend with low permeability to ions and urea only when in permeable water), ascending limb of loop of Henle (impermeable to water and permeable to ions), distal convoluted tubule also known as DCT…

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