Essay on Investigating The Environment Of Organisms

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This lab experiment was completed to determine the environment in which microbes prefer to live. The pH, moisture, available nutrients, oxygen and light all affect the rate in which bacteria grow. The majority of bacteria flourish when the pH level is near neutral; the growth rate is highly affected if the pH is off by just a little. If too acidic, the amount of time it takes the bacteria to adjust to a new environment (lag time) is increased which slows the growth, the activity of enzymes is affected and the shape of molecules. Varying amounts of moisture are required for different types of bacteria. A low level water supply affects the lag time, membrane loses water and impairs mobility. The temperature of an environment dictates whether an organism can survive in the particular location or not. Just as with water, the type of bacteria determines the nutrient oxygen and light content/amount each bacterium needs. All bacteria require water, carbon, nitrogen and minerals. Some rely on organic matter and others require inorganic. Some bacteria will thrive only in the presence of oxygen, some cannot tolerate it and others can survive with or without it. Some require light in order to survive while others do not need light for survival.

Methods and Materials The first experiment determined which oxygen category each bacterium being tested belong in through the use of fluid thioglycollate medium (FTM). The materials needed to complete this lab included:…

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