Investigating The Empirical Formula Of A Hydrated Copper Essay

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The objectives of this lab where to determine the empirical formula of a hydrated copper (ll) sulfate sample, practice writing detailed observations in the laboratory and practice calculating mass percent composition.
Before beginning taking measurements, read through the instructions below and make a neat table in which to record all the numerical data. Using tongs put a clean crucible on the hotplate. Heat the crucible for approximately 5 minutes. Turn off the hotplate. Carefully remove the crucible to a piece of wire gauze and allow the crucible to cool for one minute. Transfer the crucible to a desiccator and allow to cool for approximately 5 minutes or until cooled to room temp. Weigh the crucible and record the mass to the nearest 0.001g from the balance. Repeat the heating and cooling process. Again weigh the crucible and record the mass to the nearest .001g. Add all of the sample material from the vial into the crucible and weigh the crucible and record the mass to the nearest 0.001g. Also record the physical appearance of the sample. Place the crucible on the hotplate and sample until something happens to it. Do not burn the sample; if it begins to turn brown, remove the sample from the heat. It may be necessary to stir the sample during the heating process. When stirring, try to ensure that all the sample remains in the crucible. Record detailed observations of any physical changes that occur in the sample. When the dehydration reaction is finished, continue the…

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