Investigating Internal Environments And External Environments That Impact On Achieving Cool Cars Business Goals

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Next, a SWOTs analysis conducted to identify internal environments and external environments that impact on achieving Cool Cars business goals. It is crucial to have in-depth understanding the external and internal situation of the company before developing a marketing plan for Cool Cars.
- Strong brand in high-income segment: three out of four brands target high-income segment. Primary buyers are 4L, 4F, and 4S.
- Quality products: Cool Car is valued on its engineering capabilities. We often upgrade our cars, including technologies, size, HP, so that cars’ performance enhanced effectively and efficiently.
- Customer intimacy strategy: Cool Car segmented and targeted markets precisely, then tailored offerings to match exactly the demands of those markets. Company have done a number of market research regularly, so we can respond quickly to almost needs by customizing our cars.
- Strong financial performance: Cool Car’s fourth consecutive year has no debt, and the amount of ending cash is about $7616 mill. The stock’s price is $73.96.
- Huge investment in R&D: Cool Car’s investment in R&D reach as much as approximately 5% of revenue. Cool Car counts on these investments to gain competitive advantage through high technology capabilities and development centre.
- Well performing brands: the company owns a few successful brands, including Camini and Cafav. Camini is a leader in the minivan class. Cafav is the biggest brand in the firm’s portfolio and is growing…

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