Essay about Investigating Cell Organelles And Cellular Metabolism

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In the Foundations of Biology lab section everyone had to investigate cell organelles and cellular metabolism. Every quad or tri group had to test for the activity of a chloroplast electron transport chain. The two choices that were available for us to investigate was broccoli and pea seedlings. Our group was nominated to utilize 20 grams of broccoli florets to find fractions that composed of an abundance of chloroplast. Project 1 had 3 parts to it; this consists of fractionation of cell homogenates, assay for chloroplast-specific electron transport chain activity, and testing factors that affect activity of the chloroplast electron transport chains. The first two parts of this project is Experiment #1, while part 3 is Experiment #2.
In Experiment #1 the main question that was addressed in Wet Lab 2 was which cell fraction had the most intact chloroplast activity after the cell fraction was centrifuged. This would cause the most change of light dependent electron transport chain activity. Our lab group observed three fractions, these fractions were called Pellet 1, Pellet 2, and Supernatant 2. Assaying for a light-triggered flow of electrons from water to the electron acceptor DCIP tested the presence of chloroplasts in the pellets. DCIP performs as NADP+ and color indicator. DCIP changes color when electrons are being reduced. While there can be observations with color change, another step helped us quantify the change in reduction of DCIP (Leicht and…

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