Essay about Inventory Management Systems

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In today's business environment, even many smaller businesses have come to rely on computerized inventory management systems. Automated systems can replace the cost and time consuming processes that were once completed by hand while providing companies with more accurate data. Inventory control is important to ensure control in businesses that handle transactions revolving around consumer goods. Without proper inventory control, a store may run out of stock on an important item. A good inventory control system will alert the retailer when it is time to reorder ( It will also aid in the prevention of theft and product loss. Overall, a good inventory system will increase the value of your business, satisfy your customers …show more content…
This is what makes preventative maintenance important ( Ongoing maintenance of the inventory system includes preventative maintenance as well as vendor supplied updates and patches. Vendor supplied patches are updates from the provider to effectively repair a bug in the system. Vendor supplied updates provide the latest software updates provided by the vendor. Both patches and updates must be applied to the system to function properly. Routine maintenance will be performed every 90 days.
Routine maintenance includes:
• Keeping devices properly patched and configured to reduce risk
• Device health checks to keep systems up and running
• Minor configuration changes
• Running scheduled tasks such as defragmentation and disk cleanup on devices
• Driver updates
• Increase computer/server memory as needed
• Patch, monitor and manage security devices
It is extremely important that all hardware and software stay up-to-date and completely integrated. Failing to do so, can give you false data which can result in an overstock or under-stock of supplies and cause the business a loss. Below is a flow chart diagram of each piece of equipment used, along with how to the inventory control system integrates with one another. Companies can build their own custom retail inventory systems based upon their needs. In today’s business environment, it is almost vital that businesses switch to an automated system for inventory management

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