Essay Invasive Species And The Explorers Of The Old Days

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Invasive species are easily comparable to the explorers of the old days. Explorers could be helpful by introducing new supplies, like horses, during the big Columbian Exchange. Explorers could also be largely negative, bringing disease and slavery into the nations they conquered. Explorers sometimes just set up trade relations and left well enough alone. Much like these explorers, invasive species have the propensity to help, hurt, or assimilate into their new surroundings. Experts on invasive species are saying, “in principle it is recognized that abundance (and therefore impact) of invasive species vary among sites” (Hansen et al., 2013, p 2). Each environment is different from another, meaning that invasive species can influence environments in several different ways. When aquatic invasive species are brought into a new environment, they can impact that environment in three basic ways: negatively, positively, and neutrally.
As explained by the U.S. Forest Service, an agency of the U.S. Department of Agriculture and author of the “Invasive Species” (2014), invasive species are species that are simply non-native to an area, mainly characterized by the ability to be harmful (para 1). The U.S. Forest Service also stated that, “simply being non-native in an ecosystem does not mean a species will become invasive” (para 8). This concludes that not all introduced species are harbingers of environmental destruction, but does indicate that they have presented enough of a problem…

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