Essay on Invasive Cancer : A Non Invasive Breast Cancer

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Invasive cancer is the cancer that spreads beyond the layer of tissue which developed and is growing into surrounding, healthy tissues. A lot of physicians try to detect and prevent the invasive cancers. Ductal carcinoma in situ is a non-invasive breast cancer. It does not spread beyond the milk duct into surrounding breast tissue. However, it can increase the risk of having invasive breast cancer later. Heterogeneity is a word that means diversity. It signifies the quality of state of being heterogeneous. Heterogeneity of cancer becomes important to treat and understand the cancer. Population bottleneck is a rapid reduction in the size of a population due to environmental events. Genetically diverse tumor has greater possibility to survive. The cells are almost wiped out at first, and then the cell which survived continue to repopulate over time. Salamander is a group of amphibians a lizard-like appearance, having a soft and moist skin and typically aquatic as a larva and semi-terrestrial as an adult. Like salamanders, cancer cells evolve and adapt to their changing environment. Tumor progression is the last stage of tumor development. Tumor cells increase its growth and invasiveness. By analyzing individual single cell, it helps t o understand tumor progression better. Phylogenetic tree is a structure that maps out the evolutionary relationship between organisms. This map treats each cell as an individual species. Biomarker is a biological measure of a biological state.…

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