Invasion of Privacy Essay

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Invasion of Privacy and Libel Case Study

Invasion of Privacy and Libel Case Study
Invasion of privacy is something that is a major concern among Americans. In this paper I will discuss Steve, who has recently joined a church. The church doctrine is such that members are to reveal indiscretions from their past. Steve has told them of some of his indiscretions but Steve is not happy about this and decides he would rather leave the church. The church leaders have told Steve even if he leaves his neighbors as well as members of the church will be notified of his past. In this paper I will discuss which privacy torts are involved as well as if this is a libel case. I will also discuss whether the expectation of privacy applies to
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It is ironic in this case that it would be a church organization that would in fact disclose such information on their members when they have to know that their members, in most cases have blind faith in them. That may be a factor in which the church knows for a fact that their members will not contest nor dispute the church.
When we are discussing the defense to the tort of libel and the privacy tort it should be noted that since Steve gave his consent to the church organization unless Steve indeed thought that there would be privacy in his admissions. However in the scenario described above it almost seemed far too obvious that the church would respect Steve and not disclose the indiscretions that he admitted to them.
When we discuss whether there is a legal difference in disclosing personal indiscretions to the church elders, neighbors and so on I have to say that yes indeed there is a difference. If for example an individual decides that he or she will divulge information about themselves to the public, then any and all of that information has then indeed become public knowledge. Should however this same person divulge the information to members/elders of a church then it should be noted that something along the lines of doctor/patient or attorney/client privileges come into play. It should also be noted that those who are considered church elders or those that are considered up in the church are not required to be ordained or

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