Essay on Invasion of Poland

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The invasion of Poland was the spark that ignited the world’s largest war in history. Even though Germany had already annexed the Sudetenland and Austria, this was the last straw because France and Britain had guaranteed Poland’s borders. If they had lost them, France and Britain’s credibility would almost be depleted and the rest would lie with their homeland ("Invasion of Poland"). Germany had invaded Poland on September 1st but Poland was very reluctant to go to war and was even willing to forget the invasion if Germany had retreated by September 3rd ("Why Germany invaded"). Naturally, the Germans were already committed to the invasion and refused to retreat. France and Britain had also alerted Germany that they would declare war …show more content…
Eventually, Hitler invaded Poland which forced the Allies to commit to the Second World War. On the first of September, the German army invaded into Polish territory. About one and a half million troops invaded from three fronts; Slovakia in the south, Germany in the west and East Prussia in the north. The Polish army was able to mobilize about one million men but was hopelessly outmatched in every respect ("Germans Invade Poland"). The Germans had 2600 tanks against a mere 180 tanks in Poland and over 2000 aircraft against the Polish 420 ("The Second World"). The Blitzkrieg tactics used by the Germans along with the bombing of defenseless towns had yet to be seen in warfare which caught the Polish off guard. The “Blitzkrieg” strategy also known as “lightning war” worked efficiently at first. Armored divisions would plow through the enemy lines and isolated fragments of the enemy ("Germans Invade Poland"). The fragments were then encircled and captured or destroyed by German infantry while more German tanks were advancing to repeat the process ("Germans Invade Poland"). While this occurred on the ground, the German air force provided a significant amount of help by providing air support wherever needed on the battlefield and bombing Polish cities in an effort to terrorize the enemy even more. When the Polish were invaded, the only managed to mobilize a third of their total manpower. Although Germany’s tactics were executed almost

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