Intruder in the Dust Essay

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In William Faulkner’s novel, Intruder in the Dust, racism at the beginning of the civil rights movement is a key theme. During this time period in the South, people were expected to behave a certain way towards those whose skin was different form their own. However, in this novel, William Faulkner defies the norm by creating friendships between those of opposing races. The friendships between Charles Mallison and Lucas Beauchamp, Miss Eunice Habersham and Molly Beauchamp, and Charles Mallison and Aleck Sander were not predictable for this time period, but regardless of their race, they each shared respect and a strong bond between one another. Charles Mallison, a sixteen year old white boy, goes beyond what he has learned is the right …show more content…
The acts of the young boy towards an older man of a different race were an unlikely bond that was the beginning of change in the South. Along with the main friendship that came about in William Faulkner’s novel, there were also a few smaller ones that may not have seen as apparent. Miss Eunice Habersham is introduced to the reader in chapter four when she decides she wants to help Charles dig up the grave of Vinson Gowrie for the sake of Lucas Beauchamp. The idea of a white woman standing up for a black man during this time period was quite frowned upon. Nevertheless, Miss Habersham knew she had to help free Lucas. Her reasoning for helping Charles all went back to Lucas’s deceased wife Molly Beauchamp. Miss Habersham and Molly were born within a few weeks of each other and were raised by the same woman even though they differed in skin color. The two women had “grown up together almost inextricably like sisters, like twins, sleeping in the same room, the white girl in the bed, the Negro girl on a cot at the foot of it almost until Molly and Lucas married, and Miss Habersham had stood up in the Negro church as godmother to Molly’s first child.” Along with helping Charles dig up the grave Miss Habersham later put herself into danger a second time by standing guard outside the prison to protect Lucas who wasn’t even inside the building anymore. The third improbable

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