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Topic Notes: Windows 8 Introduction
Windows 8 in history
With the rapid acceptance of small powerful touch-based devices and the rapidly growing market for such devices, Microsoft had to react by developing an operating system capable of competing, while at the same time leveraging the greater part of the existing Windows XP and Windows 7 operating system functionality.
Windows 8 story – Windows reimagined
On first look, Microsoft seem to have created two operating systems in one, but further examination reveals that they have simply created a new touch supporting interface which gives the user a broader range of services and features. Windows 8 supports the new immersive Windows 8 UI application type and traditional desktop
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Windows 8 story – new generation
Windows 8 incorporates new ways for the user to interact with the operating system, both physically and visually. At the outset, the first thing the user is confronted with is the Windows 8 Start screen. Technically, the Start screen is a replacement for the Windows 7 Start button and menu, and is a radical departure from the traditional menu-based application navigation and management interface. With the Start screen, applications are managed as groups of similar application types and are activated by clicking a Windows 8 UI tile on what is known as the Windows 8 UI interface.
The Windows 8 on ARM (WOA) platform (Windows RT) will run Windows 8 style applications and comes pre-installed with MS Office, but without Outlook. In releasing the Windows RT version for use on ARM driven devices, Microsoft is targeting the individual user market – gamers, music lovers, and home Internet users. Windows 8 on ARM is a direct attack on the iPad and tablet market where quasi-operating systems are the norm.
Windows 8 Story – focused on people
Windows 8 is targeted at two major markets – the desktop corporate market

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