Introduction Essay

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Introduction and Conclusion
Latonya Ballard
September 7, 2012
Lugene Rosen

“What can you say about a person that does want to change their life?’ It can be hard to make life changes; people may be dealing with everyday problems that they need to put effort to. ‘How can people make smart choices while eating right and exercising?’ It is daily activities that can be done to improve the ability to get the body are shape to live a long time. The more a person chose to eat the right nutrients and have vitamins in their body the more they will stay healthy. The average person think if they eat what they chose to eat they will live a long time, but it is up to the person in general to chose what lifestyle they want to live. A
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Eating healthy will add more time to your life. People have to be willing to stay health and exercise if they want to stay around for their spouse, children, and other family members. If people would start working-out 20 or 30 minutes a day for 5 days per week, it will help a person get in shape and lose weight. It will help your body, mind, and soul improve your energy level. When they begin on the journey to eat health and work-out it will boost your confidence, and take pride in the work he/she did; nevertheless can start planning a diet plan to stick by.
Then I would create a healthy meal plan to eat. It is many of healthy magazines, books, and recipes that are online. I would find something that is light on my stomach or have fewer calories. Think about the food that goes in a body, and think how long it takes some food to digest. It is a saying “You are what you eat.” People can begin cooking healthier for the family, teaching children to eat healthier, and make a change with the right foods, so he/she can live a lifetime. If people begin eating healthy it will keep your body in shape, and help keep down the stress in the body.” I know when I get stressed I eat everything insight it helps me cope with my problems. I know I was an emotional eater, so I got rid of the stress in my life, and did not eat any unhealthier or junk foods.” When people begin eating better it will keep people motivated to exercise;

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