Introduction To Project Grassyfield On An Estimated $ 70 Billion Mobile App Industry

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The Market

Market Summary

Project GrassyField is partaking in an estimated $70 billion mobile app industry which is expected to double in size in the coming 2 years. (daze) Our app that we are providing falls under productivity, which is responsible of earning over $22 billion in revenue in 2013. (visionmobile) It is forecasted that the business and productivity applications will be contributing an outstanding $58 billion in 2016. (daze) “A recent study conducted by Flurry Analytics showed that apps currently command 86% of the time that the average US mobile consumer spends on their smartphone.” (smartinsights) As seen in the diagram the usage of apps is increasing and has the potential for success.
Target Market

Project GrassyField’s main target market will stem from small businesses and organizations with reoccurring business-client interaction in the form of appointments. Some examples include:
• Dentist office
• Auto repair stores
• Physician office
• Health care practitioners offices
• Beauty Parlors
• Accountancy Services
• Tutoring services
The examples of businesses above have a client base which constantly interacts with the business. These businesses require meetings/appointments in order to conduct transactions and deliver products. Project GrassyField caters to these businesses by providing a universal and easy to use scheduling application. In Canada alone, there are about 20,000 registered dentist offices.
Project GrassyField’s market thus expands to…

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