Introduction to Oncology Care Program Essay

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Annual Report of the Oncology Care Program Course Project
HIT 225
April 17, 2011

Introduction to Oncology Care Program Cancer is a group of diseases that affect nearly every tissue or organ in the human body, and is the second leading cause of death in the United States. In 2007, lung cancer was the leading cause of death among males and females in Marin County, California (Marin Health & Human Services, 2007). Located in Marin County, Sunshine Hospital is a 235-bed teaching facility with generating revenue of more than $700,000,000 during 2007. The Hospital employs 1,220 employees, of which 698 are multidisciplinary physicians. Sunshine Hospital has renowned regional cardiology and oncology programs, and specializes in lung
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Chart 3 depicts that 44% of the total stage diagnosis was localized. Chart 4 Cancer site by male and female Chart 5 Lung Cancer Cases Chart 4 Sunshine Hospital had a higher number of male cancer cases than female. There were more lung cancer cases in males than females. In 2007 there were more female breast, cervix, uterus, and larynx cancer cases. Chart 5 indicates that there has been a 49% increase in lung cancer cases accessioned at Sunshine Hospital since 1998 and a 76% increase in 2001 over 2000. Chart 6 Diagnosis age Chart 7 Lung Cancer Diagnosis Chart 6 indicates that 87% of Sunshine Hospital lung cancer cases were diagnosed within the age group of 61-75. In Chart 7 67% of the lung cancer cases at Sunshine Hospital were diagnosed with by bronchoscopy. Chart 8 Lung Cancer Histology Chart 9 Cancer treatments Chart 8 depicts the three most common types of lung cancer. In 2007 81% of Sunshine Hospital lung cases were of the adenocarcinoma type. Chart 9 49% of Sunshine Hospital lung cases resulted in the surgical removal of a lung. Conclusion Lung cancer continues to be one of the most common and deadly cancers. Detecting lung cancer in its early stages is critical for improved treatment outcomes and an increase in survival rates. As presented in the preceding charts, Sunshine Hospital’s experience with

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