Essay on Introduction to Nursing Research

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Shortening the Wait: A Strategy to Reduce Waiting Times in the Emergency Department
Emergency Department (ED) nursing is fast paced and complex in nature. Their goal is to assess quickly and prioritize the patient needs so that those with emergent needs are seen before those with urgent or non-urgent needs. Causes of ED overcrowding and lengthening wait time include, influenza season, inadequate staffing, inpatient boarding due to inadequate hospital beds and patient population larger than hospital capacity (Hoot and Aronsky, 2008). The length of stay in the ED has a correlation with the quality of care a patient receives. Many EDs struggle with patient overcrowding and there appears to be no silver bullet to adequately
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Next they identified a space close to the emergency department that can serve as the location for the proposed satellite clinic, proposed staffing solution and operating schedule. Upon completion of the necessary consultation which took five months, they were able to secure the fiscal, physical, and human resources required for the emergency satellite clinic.
Results of Study
The researchers confirmed prior findings that ED overcrowding is a major problem across Canada and identified some contributing factors and the challenges involved in addressing them. Specifically, they reported that less-urgent patients represent a large proportion of the individuals presenting for care and contributing to congestion in Canadian ED. They proposed a solution, identified the necessary resources to implement their recommendation and put the said proposal into practice. The proposal was to establish a satellite clinic across the hall from the ED to take care of less urgent patients. The hours of operation were 7:30 to 11:30 AM, Monday through Friday initially and eventually expanded to 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM, seven days a week. The clinic was staffed by an emergency registered nurse and an emergency physician. The patients appropriate for the satellite clinic were identified by either the nurse or physician upon their arrival at the ED and subsequently sent to the satellite clinic. Their results do have significant implications to

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