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i. Executive summary (pg.1)

ii. Introduction (pg.1)

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iv. Fraud (pg.2-3)

v. Legislation (pg.3)

vi. Recommendation (pg.4)

vii. Bibliography (pg.5)

Executive Summary
In this report I will look into the benefits and risk of e-commerce, the types of legislation that have been introduced to protect the consumer and business alike. At the end of this report I plan to give my recommendation as whether I believe you should venture into e-business and set up your own online business. I will try and remain un-bias and give my opinion whilst give a fair account of the risks and benefits of e-business.

For this report I
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There are reports of internet fraud however there are precautions you can take to counter these risks. You can try implementing the following:

• A working code of conduct to prevent the misuse of data
• Use up to date Virus protection software
• ‘Firewall’ to block intruders trying to enter the network
• All data should be backed up to prevent loss of data due to viruses etc.
• The use of secure passwords and encryption of data

Although the above will not guarantee your security against viruses, hackers and fraud they will greatly reduce the risks.


Fraud is ever increasing (see fig1); however there are ways of ensuring that you are safeguarded against these high levels of fraud, by using safe, effective online payment systems such as pay pal. They make sure that customers are safe by using various different safety procedures for example all sensitive data is encrypted, the use of passwords and confirmation e-mail as well as other techniques that they will not disclose. They also monitor transactions 24\7 and claim to ‘developed industry-leading models to review every transaction—and help detect suspicious activity.’( I n the unlikely event where you persona details

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