Essay on Introduction Of Urban And Industrial Agriculture

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Chain Effects
Introduction to Urban and Industrial Agriculture
The Golden Arches that rise into the sky can be seen at a distance from most any highway, this landmark is typically followed by the phrase “Welcome to McDonald’s, may I take your order?” These words have been heard by nearly every single child in the U.S. By the 1990’s, obesity rates in America began to rise as these words became ever more familiar. Processed food was beginning to make its debut and the need for farmers dropped by 50% as American’s consumed more sugar and less produce (Grace Communications). Living in a family that lives like the average American, it makes sense why people live this way, it is so convenient and loaded with copious amounts of sugar that it even tastes pretty good. Most people in my family are overweight, and they spend money on cheap processed foods to save money and time, but at what cost? Coming to college was a dream come true in some respects. I could now make my own healthy decisions, cook my own meals, and explore my love for wholesome, sustainable ingredients. While researching more about agricultural and the means that creates the food we consume today, the concept of rooftop gardens continues to pop-up as an alternative food sources. Currently, the food-like substances laced with antibiotics and pesticides that we eat today without second thoughts continue to damage us, the community, or our environment.
Every year, more and more people begin to transition to the…

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