Essay on Introduction Of Systems Analysis And Design

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Introduction to Systems Analysis and Design
Today is the era of computers and microchips impact every part of our lives. We live in a world of persuasive communication and connectivity. An incredibly large part of our lives depends on computer today, its connection link and the software’s.
We have grown in a world of very high technology where use of smartphones, laptops, iPads and notebooks are available everywhere. Our mobile device provides messages, videos, pictures, Internet access, games, and so on. People have developed their own application software and it is easy to buy or sell them online. Some of us have taken programming classes and learned how to write our own codes. Given that we live in this world of high technology, we might ask ourselves, “What is systems analysis and design, and why is it important?” The other questions that come to our mind are, “How does the development of new technology and new application software utilize systems analysis and design? In other words, what role does systems analysis and design play in the development of high-tech solutions and applications?
The first thing that helps us address our curiosity is the understanding of a computer application. “A computer application is a software program that executes on a computing device to carry out a specific function or set of related functions.” Computer applications can be shortened to “app” such as an iPhone app or a Facebook app. The other thing would be knowledge about information…

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