Essay on Introduction Of Results Of English Learners

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Introduction of Results English learners often struggle with the academic demands of content literacy and vocabulary. English learners face the challenge of learning English while simultaneously learning academic vocabulary. Teachers struggle with meeting the unique language needs of English Learners. The problem is illustrated when a student can divide 6 by 3 to find the answer, but cannot do the same task when asked to find the quotient for 6 divided by 3. An understanding of math vocabulary is important to the students’ ability to understand and solve math problems. “Graphic organizers allow for student involvement in the learning process that is more personalized and less abstract, therefore the role of the ELs can change from merely the receiver of concepts and information to the creator of visual organizer representing their own thinking process” (Mohammad & Laleh, 2012, p. 1115-1116). In order to support a students’ understanding of math vocabulary, using a graphic organizer provides the opportunity for learners to become more involved in the learning process, making it more personalized and less abstract. The Frayer Model graphic organizer helps students learn new concepts through the use of attributes and non-attributes. ELs benefit from pictures and organized information, so this helps them. Math is usually thought of as numbers and symbols, but it also includes very specific vocabulary. ELs may struggle with this vocabulary more because it is vocabulary…

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