Essay about Intro to System Security

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1.0 Overview

Standards for network access and authentication are highly required to the company's information security. Any user accessing the company's computer systems has the ability to compromise the security of all users of the network. Appropriate Network Access and Authentication Policy decrees the chances of a security breache by requiring application authentication and access standards across the network in all locations.

2.0 Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to illustrate what must be done to ensure that users connecting to the corporate network are authorized users in compliance with company standards, and are given the least amount of access required to perform their job function.

3.0 Scope

The scope of
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When a reasons demonstrated, temporary guest access is allowed for a period needed to complete the task. This access will give minimal access will be restricted to only the necessary timeframe to complete their job

• Individuals requiring access to confidential data must have an account. This account will be subject to additional monitoring or auditing at the discretion of the IT Manager or executive team, or as required.

4.3 Account Termination
Maintaining network and user accounts, it’s really important to have communication with the Human Resources department so that when employee are hired or no longer Employed at the company any more accounts can be disabled. Human Resources must let the IT Manager know
4.4 Authentication
User machines must be configured to request authentication at startup. If the domain is not available or can not verify for some reason cannot occur, then the machine should not be permitted to access the network.

4.5 Use of Passwords when accessing the network username and password are acceptable means of authentication. Usernames must be meet the requirements presented in this document, and passwords must meet all requirementsto the company's Password Policy.

4.6 Remote Network Access
Remote access to the network can be provided for convenience to users but this comes at some risk to security. For that reason, the company

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