Essay on Intro to Psychology: Chapter Notes 1- 5

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October 22nd, 2012
Chapter 1- What is psychology? [pp. 1-23]
LO1: Psychology as a Science (p. 4) * Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. * Seeks to describe, explain, predict, and control behavior and mental processes. * Theory * propose reason for relationships * derive explanations * make predictions
LO2: What psychologists do (p. 5-6) * Research * pure Research * Applied Research * Practice * Teaching * Fields of Psychology * Clinical Counseling School Industrial Educational Developmental personality Health Forensic Social Environmental Experimental sport
LO3: Where does psychology come from? (Germany) (p.7-10)
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s * Neural Impulse * ElectroChemical messages that travel within neurons * Resting Potential * neuron is not responding to other neurons * Action Potential * Conduction of neural impulse along axon * Firing: Neuron to neuron * Firing * Conduction of neural impulse along the length of a neuron * Threshold * Incoming messages reach a strength at which neuron will fire * All-or-none principle * Every time a neuron fires, it transmits an impulse of the same strength * Refractory Period * Period of recovery time between firings * Synapse * Fluid-Filled Gap (Synaptic Cleft) between * Axon terminal from transmitting neuron, and dendrite of receiving neuron * Neurotransmitters * Chemical substance that communicates from one neuron to another * Synaptic vessicles * Contain neurotransmitters in the axon terminals * Receptor sites * On dendrite of receiving neuron * Reuptake * Neurotransmitters reabsorbed * Excitatory Neurons * Cause other neurons to fire * Inhibitory neurons * prevent othe neurons from firing * Neurotransmitters of interest to psychologists * Acetylcholine (ACh) * Controls muscle contractions * Paralysis * Prevalent in hippocampus * Memory * Alzheimer’s

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