Intramural Sports Discrimination

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In 2012 psychologists got together to observe and analyze how many men and women purse team sports in their spare time. They observed men and women participating in Intramural sports and recreational games, and also took into consideration recreational activity in four different states. Their studies showed that in Intramural sports only twenty-six percent of women participated and in recreational activity there were plenty of women there to exercise but only ten percent were participating in competitive sports. With the research the psychologists studied they concluded that women didn 't care for sports the same way men did.

At Howard University women make up sixty-seven percent of the student body but only forty-three percent participate
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At first before the passing of Title IX there were lots of Universities that didn 't accept women into their law and medical programs. When it came to athletics it was rare to see women plus they received very little support from the colleges athletic programs. Title IX was created with the same intentions as all the other civil rights legislation: “In our democracy, the government may not play favorites among races or religions or between the sexes. We are all equal before the law-including students in colleges and universities receiving public fund.” Although this law was passed it wasn 't until two years later that problems started to …show more content…
It was to clarify the meaning of equal opportunity and further explain the standards of the law and its regulations.

There have been very few studies that have analyzed the effect of sports participation on social variables. Betsey Stevenson was able to see and estimate the effects of women in sports based on the economic outcomes: educational attainment, employment, and income. Stevenson uses that same system to look at the impact Title IX has on other social outcomes. They look at existing theories and the relations to the social outcomes. Then they apply their findings to Stevenson 's method to see the effects sports has on women.

Their first theory they look at was “Does participating in sports build character?” by analyzing character traits can suggest the effects sports has on a persons character. Also by participating in sports helps with mental health and increase of self

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