Intolerance In Christianity

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“To be, or not to be, that is the question,” said William Shakespeare, an English poet. To be a Christian or not to be a Christian it shouldn’t matter which side a person stands on. In today’s world Christians look down on others who don’t believe in their God or their rules. This act takes place in schools, the government, and in the general community. Non-believers are being brought into situations to listen to people force their religion onto them. Christians go too far with religion by forcing their beliefs onto others, using their religion as a weapon, and creating a world of intolerance. Christians live in a world of what religion is, not what their God makes it out to be. Christians force rules, laws, and even ideas of religion upon …show more content…
By definition intolerance means to have an unwillingness ability to accept the views, beliefs, or behaviors that differ from one’s own. Christians can’t be wrong, they live a life of their own views; they live with spiritual thought. To accept a gay person into their home or an ex-murder into their home is beyond acceptable. Whether Christian’s believe in helping others or helping them thrive; they don’t help the ones who need it most. These people who claim to be true followers of Christ might actually be wrong, but instead of accepting this, they build a wall of intolerance. “Instead of accepting another follower in the path to discovering the truth and service to God, these people push the individual way because he/she might be affecting their own ways of believing. This individual is altered to an outsider,” (Spong). This wall of intolerance rejects the very people, Christians are supposed to help. For instance the following: gays, transgenders, sinners, divorced couples, the rich and poor, non-believers, murders, etc. “Jesus loves the porn addict, in the midst of their sin. He loves the racist, in the midst of his sin. He loves the murderer, and the gossip, and the homosexual, and the liar. He loves all of us, right now—broken, sinful, lost, found,” (Jesus Loves Sinners). If this is true then Christians have no authority to judge these people and change them, God will change them. These individuals don’t need religion from …show more content…
To Christians getting to heaven is by doing good deeds, by helping others, and loving God, among other conditions. “The best is yet to be. Heaven is yet to be, along with eternal life,” (Anderson). Heaven is extremely important and all that Christians want to achieve. This God will come back and destroy the enemy and all sin along with it. So to Christians helping others to their religion and guiding them to heaven is a way of life. Heaven is described to be a place of no sickness, no sin, no laws, deeper relationships, and finally being in the presence of God. To think why wouldn 't everyone want to go to a place that is so majestic physically and spiritually? Christians want to get everyone here and that’s why so many journey to help others to religion. To many God is the solution and answer to all

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