Into The Wild Summer Reading Essay

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Into the Wild Summer Reading
1. Was Chris McCandless’ death a “foolish, pointless, death” (71)? Did he lack “the requisite humility” to go into the wild (72)? Explain.
While it appears reasonable to throw McCandless into the “cliché” of people who wandered into the wilderness without a clue of what’s to come, it is at the same time harsh to say that his death is worth no more than a killing on the street. Due to the means of his death, it would be more appropriate to call it “untimely,” as there was in fact some point to his wandering off. One of the people in which Krakauer interrogated regarding McCandless stated that “He intended to spend the rest of his life ‘communing with nature’” (72). This reason, while falling into the aforementioned clich, provides insight to his original intent. McCandless was not just some kid who wandered into the winter for the sake of it; he put himself into that position so he could learn from it. As for the lack of humility, he had to have enough humbleness to give up his life in the safety of civilization in favor of the new one he set for himself. This was the case for Rosellini, a fellow venture with the similar goals, who admitted to wondering “if it was possible to be independent of modern technology” (74). One could conclude that technology is what holds a human being back; by advancing further into the future, that humans have also gradually detached themselves from the world, only able to see themselves and their…

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