Into The Wild: A Lesson In Sociology Class

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1. “Into the Wild” was a great movie and I really enjoyed getting to watch it in sociology class. Not only was the story itself amazing, exhilarating and breathtaking had an amazing lesson to teach. Everyone while growing up at one point in their life is bewildered, sad and indecisive who presumes it a good idea to run away from home. Children and young teens want to run away from home because they are ultimately enraged at how their parents treat, raise and/or punish them. Chris had finally had enough of the world he was currently living in and didn’t agree with how his farther was treating his mom. It was abusive, mentally draining and cowardly, it caused Chris to hold a grudge which in turn made him dislike society with people being fake. He was tired of people being materialistic and holding items or belongings that really mean nothing in the grand scheme of things. He was over money, fancy jobs, schooling and every other “thing” that people held with great regard. In his world he wanted people to be happy with nature, beauty and friendship. Things that have no value the simply make memories and from memories you will cherish them and appreciate the true enjoyment in life which is love. He wanted people to live in the moment and enjoy what God had put on this earth because nature’s beauty was all around us, but he was tired of what society had become he wanted to get as …show more content…
It’s a tough call considering how long Chris had these thoughts about his family and the lie his parents “forced” him to live. Even though the story didn’t end how I wanted it to it was a very powerful movie and it thought me a lot about life. People should appreciate it and learn to love instead of hold onto the past, because in the end if you burry yourself with the past you will let life pass you by and you will miss out on a whole lot of opportunities by standing down instead standing

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