Into The Wild By Jon Krakauer Essay

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Purpose: In Into the Wild, while Jon Krakauer shows the consequences of choosing living differently, he clarifies that Chris McCandless’s different life philosophy results in his overall happiness. Jon Krakauer uses Into the Wild to show that being ambitiously different causes overall happiness for the individual. McCandless believes happiness is connected with new experiences; therefore, the key to a happy life is to consistently go through change and chose a different life style (Krakauer 57). Many others, however, are accustomed to “a life of security, conformity, and conservatism” (Krakauer 57) which often is the safe route. However, McCandless understands that he associates happiness with wilderness and decides to make the change and break the regularity of life to test himself (Krakuer 57). While McCandless decision to connect with the Alaskan wilderness is proven to be an unsafe decision that ultimately leads to his death, he is happy in his entire journey up to death. In McCandless’s journey, his genuine happiness is seen through the notes he left while in the Fairbanks bus. As his starvation grew, the notes also grew in desperation and fear (Krakauer 198). However, his last note concludes his life in a positive way as he happily expresses how pleased he was with how he lived his life (Krakauer 199).While the state of happiness may have been caused by a sense of euphoria in the moments prior to death, others who have encountered McCandless along his journey also…

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