Into The Wild By Jon Krakauer Essay

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Trends contribute to the credibility of a book. For my book, Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer, I picked three trends that I thought demonstrated this. My trends for this book were character trends for Christopher Johnson McCandless, “Alex”. Relentless determination, breaking free and curiosity/wonder led to Chris’s adventure throughout the book. I also pick the trend of reporting or journalism that Jon Krakauer uses to tell Chris’s story.
The first trend, relentless determination, is shown by Chris throughout his journey. He expected a lot of himself. When he started he didn’t tell anyone what his plans were. He had no plans other than fulfilling his dream; but he didn’t share it with his family and friends because he didn’t want anything to slow him down or try to stop him. He stops at some pretty great places and meets lots of people; but yet he still leaves. He even at one point in the book was offered a plane ride to go to Alaska, he is asked to stay and work longer by people he meets but he said that would be cheating and did not take it. He had relentless determination to go to Alaska just like he had read about. His determination almost made him stupid and it killed him.
My second trend is the urge to break free and Chris’s pursuit to be happy. He is just a young man following his dreams, living off his wits and his surroundings. He wanted to break free of societies clutches. Through his journey he finds himself, the person he wants to be. He lives the way he…

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