Intimate Partner Violence And Sexual Coercion Essay

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INTIMATE PARTNER VIOLENCE Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) is a serious social problem, and refers to “physical, psychological, and/or sexual coercion perpetrated in the context of an intimate relationship” (McHugh & Frieze, 2006, p. 2). According to World Health Organization (2012) Intimate Partner Violence consists of “physical aggression, psychological abuse, forced intercourse and other forms of sexual coercion, and various controlling behaviours such as isolating a person from family and friends or restricting access to information and assistance”. Moreover, Intimate Partner Violence can be perpetrated by current or former intimate partner, which includes spouse, ex-spouse, current or former boyfriend or girlfriend, dating partner, or a date (Breiding, Black, & Ryan, 2008).
Throughout Canadian history, Intimate Partner Violence has been occurring; however, the name of the act and how the society viewed it has been different. Many assume IPV to only occur in heterosexual relationships, and most tend to overlook the fact that IPV can take place in any type of intimate relationship. Partners do not have to be in a heterosexual relationship when going through Intimate Partner Violence; they can also be in a bisexual, or a homosexual relationship when experiencing IPV. Furthermore, in the past, the society viewed women as the victims and men as the batterer in the act of Intimate Partner Violence; however, this is not the case, men are also equally likely to be…

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