Essay on Intimate Partner Violence And Lgbtq Communities

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Intimate Partner Violence in LGBTQ Communities
Meriwether Lyman Author
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill The Question:
How does intimate partner violence in LGBTQ communities differ from heterosexual, cisgendered intimate partner violence (IPV) in prevalence, severity, type of abuse, barriers to support, and barriers to reporting/prosecution? I chose this question because as a member of the LGBTQ community who is interested in preventing violence and promoting equality, I thought that this would be a good cross-section of things I’m passionate about but didn’t yet know much about the intersection of the two. My question itself assumes that there will be differences between queer relationships and heterosexual, cisgendered (cis) relationships. I expect to find that queer IPV is more prevalent (percentage-wise), more severe, involves blackmail about sexual identities, support is harder to find and involves more judgment and shame, and that legal options are less available and weaker than for cis, heterosexual IPV. I’m expecting all of this knowing that heterosexism is still rampant in not only general society, but in legal proceedings as well.
The Research Process:
I searched for “domestic violence LGBTQ” and “intimate partner violence LGBTQ” in Articles+ on UNC Library’s website, excluding book reviews and refining my search to “items with full text online,” and “articles from scholarly publications, including peer-review” to ensure that my sources were…

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