Essay on Intimate Partner And Substance Use Initiative

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Intimate partner violence compounded with substance use can be a complex and difficult struggle to work through with survivors and batterers alike. The power and control dynamics of those relationships can be masked often by or depicted as a result of the disease of addiction, which creates a rather convoluted and perplexing circumstantial environment to work within. This is particularly difficult in communities that initially have limited resources. For this reason, a comprehensive approach and strategy through the Intimate Partner and Substance Use Initiative (IPSUI) will need to be mobilized with the support of existing resources and organizations that will prove to be beneficial in collaboration and networking, although treatment or population focused.
Batterer Organizations Batterer Intervention Programs are predominately court ordered with some perpetrators attending by request of their family or other governmental entities. The purpose of the organizations is to hold batterers accountable for their behavior and aid them is recognizing the equitable relationship dynamic is healthier to function within. On the local level in Volusia County there are three options; ACE-DVIP, Free Spirit Evangelistic Outreach Ministries, and New Horizons. The fundamental basis of their batterer treatments is essential in understanding organizational collaboration and support. Free Spirit Evangelistic Outreach Ministries and New Horizons are faith based organizations, which use religion…

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