Interviewer : Work On Materials And How The Pavement Structures Are Designed

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Interviewer: Would you like a copy of this?

Interviewee: No thanks.

Interviewer: Okay, thank you. The first question I have is, could you share a little bit about what your general research area is and also the area of the teaching that you engage in?

Interviewee: Research in Civil Engineering or research in the class?

Interviewer: Research in Civil Engineering.

Interviewee: Jeff Raceler, I am Professor of Civil Engineering here in Transpiration, which is moving goods, people and service wherever. I specifically do work on materials and how the pavement structures are designed, materials are used in them, how we should build them, design them, analyze them, in terms of their sustainability, their performance, their life expectancy and how vehicles and climate impact how road, air fields, industrial facilities perform under various traffic loads. That is kind of what I do.

Interviewer: Very interesting. Could you talk a little bit about the classes that you teach?

Interviewee: I teach a pavement design class for undergrads. I teach a geometric design class for seniors and graduate students and I also teach an advanced pavement analysis class for graduate students. Sometimes I teach a concrete materials class and the project base class, sorry.

Interviewer: No, that’s okay. Are these courses that you typical teach from semester to semester or do they rotate with other faculty members teaching them?

Interviewee: We have some rotation in some of those course. There is…

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